About Psychedelic.FM

Psychedelic.FM is a Netherlands-based non-profit organization, which exists of a group of friends and volunteers who all have their love for Psychedelic Trance in common. This radio station focuses on broadcasting psychedelic genre music. It covers a wide range of psytrance subgenres, including full-on, progressive, forest, and dark psytrance.

More Information

Psychedelic.FM specializes in psychedelic music, featuring tracks that include various sub-genres such as psychedelic rock, trance, and ambient. This genre encompasses a wide range of styles characterized by the influence of psychedelic culture, including psychedelic rock, psychedelic trance, and other forms of music that aim to enhance the listener's sensory experience. The station also offers a live stream, station schedule, and song playlist. It plays a mix of classic psychedelic tracks and new releases, ensuring a broad and dynamic playlist.



Language: Dutch

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +31 6 000 000 00

Address: Amsterdam, Netherlands

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