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About KBC Radio

KBC Radio is a Netherlands-based online radio station that primarily features classic rock, oldies, and other genres that appeal to fans of vintage music. Also known as “The Mighty KBC Radio,” it is known for playing hits across more than five decades of pop-genre music. This radio station is a well-known international shortwave radio station based in the Netherlands.

More Information

KBC Radio is particularly famous for its classic rock and oldies music programming. It started as an offshore radio station and later transitioned to shortwave broadcasting. The station also includes specialty shows, DJ-led programs, and segments featuring lesser-known tracks from past decades. Shows on KBC Radio include a mix of music, listener requests, and commentary. This radio station believes that music is more than just background noise; it's a way of life.


Website: www.kbcradio.eu

Language: Dutch

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: +31 318 552 491

Address: Argonstraat 6, Ede, Netherlands

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KBC Radio